Pipe horizontal wrapping machine

More information: https://www.fhopepack.com

The automatic tensile tension control device in the pipe horizontal winding packaging machine can be used for small packaging and large packaging. Through stretch packaging, the packaging can be well protected and sealed, suitable for transportation of large objects such as sticks, sheets, wood boards and so on. Fhope also offers automatic packaging lines connected to the production line or process.

We have many years of design experience in horizontal wrapping packaging machines. The machine packaging process is simple and convenient. In addition, the packaging can be loaded and moved back. Therefore, it can be manually or semi-automatically oriented in a horizontal direction.
The tube horizontal packing machine only takes one minute to pack, one worker. Save about 10 minutes compared to many people. In this case, at least half of the original labor cost can be saved. At the same time, the machine can reduce the need for other strip materials and expensive cartons. It is almost impossible to move and slide during transportation, and the package tightly fixes and seals the object.



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