Automatic sheet shrink wrapping machine


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Adjustment of three major structures of heat shrink packaging machine

Heat shrink packaging machine, also known as shrink machine, shrink packaging machine, is one of the more advanced packaging methods in the market, suitable for tight packing of multiple items and tray packaging. Due to the widespread use of heat shrink packaging machines, it will face upgrades, and its three major mechanisms, air flow, conveyor speed, and heat shrink packaging machine temperature will also be adjusted.

The heating mechanism, blowing mechanism, and conveying mechanism of the heat shrink packaging machine are all adjusted, which affects the whole body. Changing one parameter will affect other parameter settings. The specific details should be based on the product characteristics, the type of shrink material Thickness, capacity requirements, etc. to fine-tune various parameters to achieve a smooth and beautiful shrink surface, no shrinkage, wrinkles, etc. after shrinking.


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