Mobile Pallet Stretch Wrapper | Robotic wrapping

Automatic robotic pallet wrapper that includes features such as automatic pallet checking, automatic height detection, and a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control system. The HMI (Human-Machine Interface) allows for data input and allows for changeable parameters to be reset.

This type of system can be used to automatically wrap pallets with stretch film or other materials, using a robot to apply the film. The automatic pallet checking and height detection features can help ensure that the pallets are wrapped correctly and consistently, and the PLC control system allows for precise control over the wrapping process. The HMI allows the user to input data and adjust various parameters as needed.

Concurrent stretch wrapping is a technique used for palletizing and wrapping loads as they are being built. This can be optimized through the use of an automatic palletizer machine, which stabilizes the load during the palletizing process. It sounds like this system also includes proprietary technology for automatic film brake recovery, automatic film start, and higher pre-stretch levels, which are all based on advanced film management technology.


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