Automatic coiler for the pipe and hose

Thank you for the quote.


that’s the ejection conveyor comes with the strapping machine?

what is the max OD for the cutter?

what is the widest coil that this coiler is able to handle?

that’s the coiler starts a new coil by it self? I cant see that on the video.

one last question, how much that’s the shrink wrap sealer machine cost?


Dear Antonio M,
Please check the detailed quotation for hose coiling +strapping packing line.
video link:
                       (as reference only)


Look forward for your reply

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Subject: Re: coil/tranfer
I I’m looking to coil online, machine speed is 25 fpm. will need a strapping machine and the conveyor but no shrink wrap machine. we box every coil.
could you please provide me with a quote.

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Dear Antonio M,
Glad to hear from you.
1.According to your requirements, maybe the following packing line is what you are looking for, please check the video link:
2.Do you need online or offline coiling and packing line?

online type: connect the machine to the production line directly.
offline type: put it on the big reel then use our machine to packing.

If needed, I will make a detailed quotation for you soon.

You can add my WeChat: +86 18006195531        WhatsApp / skype / imo: +86 15050694011    let us discuss more about it.

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  • Automatic pipe coiler FCL-H300
  • This A big automatic coiler for pipe coiling and strapping whichis an automatic packing solution for
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